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An Onam to relish and cherish!

An Onam to relish and cherish!

August 21, 2023 8:00 am

The festival of Onam is upon us and we at StudyMEDIC celebrated it with joy and enthusiasm. Upholding rapport and camaraderie our employees clad in traditional attire left for Moon Light Palace; the venue handpicked for the event. The day began with everyone in unison making an intricately designed Pookalam in front of the venue, setting the stage for a culturally rich celebration. The traditional Thiruvathira dance followed, adding an element of grace and tradition to the event.

Soon it was time for some fun and frolic. Our beloved director Amminikutty Govindan inaugurated the event with her warm and affectionate Onam wishes. Dr. Sowmya N S, our co-founder and COO, joined in the festivities, becoming an integral part of the celebrations.

The entire staffs were divided into four teams and competitions began in which everybody participated with vigour and competitiveness. The day was filled with various competitions that saw active participation from all quarters. Participants from each team showcased their wit and talent on stage, competing in events like the beauty pageant, group song, and group dance. The festivities then spilled outdoors as the teams engaged in classic games such as the lemon and spoon race, tug of war, and the pot-breaking game.

Lunchtime brought forth an array of delectable traditional dishes, leaving everyone’s taste buds tantalized. The close-knit StudyMEDIC family gathered in the dining hall, savoring the culinary delights in unison.

The excitement peaked as winners of the various competitions were announced; sparking a sense of accomplishment and cheer among the participants. The celebrations took an energetic turn as a DJ music party kicked off. Everybody took to the floor dancing to peppy tracks and having a whale of a good time.

At dusk the eventful day became a treasured memory which will remain etched in our hearts for a long time. The Onam celebration on the 21st of August, 2023, marked a special day of unity, culture, and pure enjoyment for StudyMEDIC family, encapsulating the spirit of Onam in all its glory.

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