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Office Wali Diwali – A Day to Remember

Office Wali Diwali – A Day to Remember

November 11, 2023 3:00 pm

StudyMEDIC always ensures to spread festive cheer within our workplace! This Diwali held a unique charm for the StudyMEDIC family with the presence of our beloved Director, Amminikutty Govindan. On November 11, 2023, the StudyMEDIC workspace at Kechery, Thrissur transformed into a space of shared traditions and joy.

The full-day celebration began with the lighting of Diwali Diyas by Director Amminikutty Govindan and COO & Co-founder Dr. Sowmya N.S. Their warm wishes spread the Diwali message of light triumphing over darkness and good prevailing over evil.

With dazzling lights and glittering decorations all over the office premises and employees adorned in traditional and ethnic attire, added more charm to the festive day. 

The love , bonding and togetherness among colleagues reflected in the cultural activities.  From fun-filled games, dance, music, to hearty laughs, all of us added more brightness to the joy of the celebration.  All the employees are gifted with sweet boxes filled with love. 

With contented, soothing, and happy faces all around, the day ends with memories to hold forever.

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