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Onam Celebrations

Onam Celebrations

September 7, 2022 10:30 am

Onam, the national festival of Kerala, was celebrated in a very pomp manner by StudyMEDIC on 2nd of September 2022, well ahead of the actual Onam days which falls on 7th, 8th and 9th of September 2022. The biggest festival of Kerala remained one of the biggest celebrations for StudyMEDIC family too. The celebration began at 10.00 AM with a note of welcome by the organizers. The activities began with a competition called ‘Naadan Payyan and Malayali Manga’ which was meant to find out the most beautiful lady in the traditional Kerala attire and most handsome man in the traditional Kerala style. Soon after that, we got ourselves engulfed into a bunch of entertainment activities and various fun-filled games including musical chair, lemon-spoon race, group song competition, troll video, digital pookkalam (floral decoration on the Onam day), Badai Speech (self-praise or fake exaggerated statements full of lies) and so many others. Tug of war was one of the most exciting events. Divided into four groups – Onathumpi, Onathumpa, Onavillu and Onathappan; all the members competed against one another to become the champions. Finally, Onathappan rose out to be the champions and the Onathumpi team and Onathumpa became the first and second runners up respectively. We had a very sumptuous meal which we fondly call as ‘Onasadya’ – the traditional name for the lunch meal on Onam day. The Onam sadya is served on plantain leaves and consists of a number of Kerala’s traditional curry recipes like kaalan, thoran, pappadam, erisseri, pulisseri, sambar, aviyal, inchi curry, achar (pickle), parippu curry, and a number of payasam (kheer) as well. The event ended with prize distribution at 6.00PM. Everyone enjoyed the event to the best and left the KR Thekkedathu Mana Resorts – the venue of the event, with full of many memorable moments in mind to keep for long. Previous

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