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Staff Tour 2023: A Rejuvenating Trip & Refreshing Break for StudyMEDIC Family Members

Staff Tour 2023: A Rejuvenating Trip & Refreshing Break for StudyMEDIC Family Members

March 18, 2023 6:00 am

StudyMEDIC strongly believes that a happy work environment leads to a productive workspace. With this in mind, the company organizes a one day trip every year. This year’s trip was on 18 March 2023 to Mango Village Resort in Palakkad, Kerala.

In a post-pandemic era, as we continue to navigate through challenging times, StudyMEDIC believes that it’s necessary for employees to take a break from work, enjoy a day off, relax, recharge, and have some fun outside of a workplace setting.

The trip began at 6:00 in the early morning from the office premises. The festive spirit was palpable ever since we got on to the bus. The beauty of evergreen trees and picturesque fields of paddy on the way made the journey indeed a special one. We also got ourselves engulfed into a bunch of entertainment activities like music and dance.

We reached the Mango Village Resorts which lies close to Tamil Nadu at 9.00 AM. Nestled in a valley and hedged in by the towering peaks with stunning waterfalls of the Nelliyampathy Ranges, the spot was really a superb choice to cheer and enjoy.

The programmes began with a bunch of adventure and entertainment activities, including rope sliding, high rope walking, and lots more. Iron adventure rope walking was another major attraction. Brimming with the joy of spring, and the entire team actively participated in these exciting ventures. 

To stir the creativity and team spirit among employees, the whole group of members were divided into four groups and competed against each other in the fun games conducted by the organizing committee led by the HR department. Apart from refreshments, we had a very sumptuous meal there.

The evening was entirely devoted to water sports activities. There was an opportunity for boating, and we all enjoyed ourselves at the pool. We started our return at 7 in the evening and reached home by 9.00 PM evening. It was indeed a Garden of Eden for us, a day that we will cherish forever.

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