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MRCEM OSCE – Two Days Live Course Kochi

MRCEM OSCE – Two Days Live Course Kochi

The Live Circuit Course for MRCEM OSCE is a two-day program held to offer a real-like exam experience to the candidates before the actual exam. The course, following the exact pattern including the time-frame, remains an ideal option for students to have a clear idea of how to appear and present at each station.

Each station is arranged in cubicle format, and the students will get a chance to present all the stations or a full circuit before the examiners, lay examiners, and role players in a real-life clinical scenario. In addition, the two days program comes with a couple of attractive features like communication skills and exclusive workshops. Students also get feedback from experienced mentors after each station and thus the live circuit course will play a crucial role in shaping one’s success in the exam.

The program will provide an impeccable opportunity for candidates to understand what the real exam is and what to expect in the real exam. Join now and prepare MRCEM OSCE in a smarter way.

1. A complete onsite program replicating the MRCEM OSCE format.

2. Each candidate will get a chance to attempt all stations in 16 cubicles just like the real exam along with real examiners, and role players.

3. Hands-on experience (dry lab) via clinical workshops.

4. Combined clinical circuits, and technical and communication workshops.

5. Each station is arranged as per the real MRCEM OSCE format.

6. 3 minutes of detailed feedback provided at the end of each station by the examiner to help the candidate understand the areas of improvement.

7. Exclusive and dedicated technical workshops on NHS System, Communication skills, All About Domains, History Taking, Interpersonal Skills, etc.

8. 32 case templates with detailed examiner instructions and role-player instructions are provided at the end of the course.

9. Final feedback also will be given at the completion of each circuit.

10. Technical workshops will also be available with Webinars explains the UK systems.

10. Limited slots – candidates have to pre-book for confirming their slots.

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