International Women’s Day 2023; StudyMEDIC Conducts Health Awareness Seminar for School Students

Wed 03, 2023
Home International Women’s Day 2023; StudyMEDIC Conducts Health Awareness Seminar for School Students

StudyMEDIC, as part of its International Women’s Day 2023 celebration, conducted an awareness campaign at Al Ameen Higher Secondary School, Kechery. The Co-founder & COO Dr Sowmya NS led the seminar on ‘Menstrual Hygiene and Women’s Health’.

The session was focused on educating girls on the importance of maintaining proper hygiene practices during their menstruation or periods. It also highlighted the impact of hygiene on their overall health and well-being.

StudyMEDIC Conduct session was very enlightening for the student’s throwing insights to various topics covering importance of self-hygiene, its importance and requirements for girls.

During the interactive session, the girls were provided with information on menstrual hygiene management, including how to use sanitary products and dispose of them safely. Moreover, they were also given demonstrations on how to use menstrual cups, proper handwashing techniques, and the importance of maintaining personal cleanliness and grooming.

The program was well-received by the students, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn about hygiene practices that can have a significant impact on their lives. “We are happy to have attended this session, as it has taught us the importance of main training proper hygiene practices, especially during our menstrual cycle,” said one of the students post the session.

The school administration authorities Headmistress Ms Sumi Rose, School Manger Mr Moidutty Haji, PTA President Mr Sadique PI, MPPA President Ms Anusha Shafer, Higher Secondary School Principal Ms Suja Francis, Staff Secretary Dr Biju CM, Joint Staff Secretary Rahul Babu K, Teachers Tom Martin and Rahul S Chungath coordinated the campaign

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